Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mini Masterminds

And we’re back! Sorry about the absence, life got in the way (it does that sometimes).
So, what’s happened since we’ve been gone? I swear Indy has grown like a foot taller, he is looking huge and so grown up. The tantrums are also getting impressive; we’re getting a lot of screaming into the floor and growls. He’s been upgraded to a bigger bedroom now as well. Partially because his toys were beginning to take over the living room, and partially because we felt it was time he had a proper space to call his own.

We’ve popped into our favourite bookshop a couple of times in the last few weeks, Books & Pontyclun. Most recently we picked up a DVD called ‘Mini Masterminds – Animals’, because at the moment Indy is obsessed with farm yards and the things that live there. We didn’t know what to expect from the DVD, but it was reasonably priced. Back home, we popped it on and we were pleasantly surprised. It features a backing track of Mozart pieces, made a bit more child friendly and lullaby-like, and a soothing montage of animal pictures and videos. Mozart is renowned for aiding concentration and encourages well-balanced behavioral patterns. We found it ideal to have on in the background whilst Indy was playing. It’s not at all obtrusive or distracting, so Indy isn’t gawping open mouthed at the screen.
It’s something nice and relaxing to have on the television, another bonus if it’s naptime. All in all I’d say it was a worthwhile purchase, and it’s one that Indy keeps picking up  and asking to watch.

I plan to take Indy to a real-life farm soon, we had planned to go in half term but the weather simply wasn’t on our side. Nothing beats experiencing the sounds and smells of a real farm yard!

Next blog post I’ll be reviewing a potty training book I received, how exciting!