Friday, 27 March 2015

The rest of this week!

Looking back this week, considering we haven't been out much we've still managed to cram loads in.

I made Indy a little book nook! (Complete with his DVDs) Indy is a proper little book-worm, he loves nothing more than snuggling up and 'reading'. He reads out loud to himself in his own little language, it's amazing how they pick up the tone of spoken word.

We also tried some colouring again, but this mostly involved Indy attempting to eat crayons (everything. Everything in his mouth.) so didn't last for very long.

We had a really lovely day today, we spent the morning together, and then met up with Indy's friend Sioned and her mum Jo for a coffee at a lovely coffee house around the corner from me. They obviously had missed each other and spent a while shouting 'hiyaa!' and giving each other slobbery kisses.
After biscuits had been eaten, we strolled over to the charity shop a few doors down. I am in love with this charity shop, it's run by the community for the community, so we try to support it every way we can (this normally involves us coming home with piles of books and DVDs and tablecloths and records etc). Today was a real winner, we found a wooden train, a Stephen King book (for me), and a toy shopping basket complete with contents, still in it's wrapping! I think Indy is still a little young to understand it though, as he kept handing me the cardboard boxes asking for food.
We also popped into possibly the best bookshop I've ever been in (but I may be biased). They'd posted on Facebook earlier saying they had a cardboard box and a load of brown packaging paper going free, so naturally I jumped on it and had ideas flooding through my head already. Whilst we were there we also picked up a Thomas the Tank Engine book, as Indy is choo-chooing constantly.

I think we'll have a play with the packaging paper this weekend, I have visions of making nests and Indy has to discover the eggs inside, or possibly using it as mud in a farmyard, I'll be sure to show you what we get up to with it!