Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Lovely Birthday Weekend

It was my Birthday yesterday, I turned a grand old 26 years. On Saturday we did our usual Saturday thing of popping to the local farmers market, a cheeky stroll round some charity shops, and then popping into a cafe near us that offers people with various learning disabilities the opportunity to gain experience in the working environment. We like supporting local businesses as much as possible, so try to visit whenever we can afford it. My mum came with us as we were searching for things we can use for our impending wedding! She finally caved and had a go at babywearing, I think she loved it a bit.

On Sunday, we gave the hall we're getting married in a fresh lick of paint. Safe to say, I was thoroughly exhausted and looking forward to a nice quiet birthday.

Monday rolled around, and I had a deliciously quiet birthday. I was greeted with cards, and daffodils, and coffee (yesss), and a really cool Batman tshirt off my boys. I had a lovely long bath with a Terry Pratchett book, and that evening we went out for an Indian (Indy ate loads, as always)

Today we went into Cardiff to spend some birthday money! We popped to Lush as Indy suffers with eczema, so got him a couple of Ickle Baby Bots and a pot of Dream Cream, as they work wonders on his dry patches. We also got him some Burt's Bees shampoo, as his hair has been looking dry. I'd heard a rumour that Pound World had gelli baff and Play Sand in stock so on the off-chance we went in. We found some! I'm so excited to try the gelli baff with Indy. We couldn't resist opening the sand, as Daddy was itching to have a go.

All of this was topped off nicely with a bath. Indy was so knackered that a bit of boob and he was fast asleep by 7! Bless him. We're hopefully finally getting round to our Easter themed 'treasure hunt' with the packaging paper tomorrow, so I'll be sure to post!