Friday, 3 April 2015

Daddy is sometimes a genius...

...don't tell him I said that. He's been off this week for my birthday, and he's come up with some properly good ideas for play. First up! Indy has been showing some real interest for percussion, only encouraged by us receiving a Rock Band drum kit off my brother. Whilst we're not quite at full drum set just yet for him, a shoe-box drum kit sates his drum lust for now.

Daddy stuck  some brown packing paper on a shoe-box (I think we have a packing paper problem. Say that quickly 3 times) and some scrunched up survival blanket. Both make really different sounds, and the box itself makes a lovely noise. Survival blankets are crazy versatile, as shown in my next picture-

I finally got round to making Indy a busy board! It's not got all the latches and catches of others I've seen, but the day was thoroughly miserable and I had the crafting itch, so I made do with things I found around the house. A cut up sponge, a door catch, some artificial grass, a jar lid, a bag clip, a hair bobble, a silk scarf, and some of the infamous survival blanket. I ordered my survival blanket off eBay for pennies, it's absolutely ginormous and has been used for loads of different activities. Peepo, in his little tent, on the ceiling, so many possibilities from something so cheap and easily obtained.

Tomorrow will be Easter-themed activities, chick hunting (little yellow toy ducks in a huge cardboard box with shredded brown packing paper as the 'nest') and an Easter garden with different types of artificial grass, toy bunnies and more.